..bright with despair..

I held a fallen star and it wept for me, dying.

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Hello, LJ!
pushing daisies
Wow..it has been almost 2 months since I have logged on...not much new happening, but busy with life I guess. Van was gone for a week at SEMA, a big car thing in Vegas for work. I should have gone, but didn't-and instead got rear ended in the Fiero while driving my sister to lunch one Saturday. I don't know how someone can NOT see you when you're stopped at a light, but apparently the dumb broad who hit me knows how. Not that I'm too upset-her insurance took full responsibility as it should be, and now I'm getting a new bumper and some killer pain pills for my neck! I have been working my two jobs as usual, my 1 year state anniversary is coming up and a cool Xmas party for our branch. I decided that this year I don't want to give or get presents, instead I am baking something scrumptious for each and any event I go to. Times are too tough, and I am extremely fortunate to have a job, let alone two. I am quickly advancing upon the completion of my certificate in Office Technology, which is to say that online classes are easy! Van and I are going to take a few small business classes and start looking for loans and rental spaces to jump start his business before he goes insane at his job, so were excited for that. I cant wait for pumpkin pie and turkey!! My holiday season usually goes one of two ways, depressing beyond all belief or snuggly and christmas-spirity.. I'm not feeling particularly one way or the other yet. We shall see...


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