..bright with despair..

I held a fallen star and it wept for me, dying.

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..Bday fun..
pushing daisies
I... had... the time of my life, and I owe it all to you!

I got numerous mail, text, email, facebook and myspace bday wishes that really surprised me and kick-started a great day. It really melted my heart and I have been almost in tears all day with happiness or laughter. My sister and Dad called to respectively sing me made up versions of the birthday song, which made me smile. I soaked and scrubbed my feet, took a nap, and read part of a good book. Van took me out to dinner and Coldstone Cremery. He bought me Sherries Berries and apple slices in a mug that says "I love you Berry much!", his mom got me a beautifully ornate cherry picture frame, and the ladies at work got me a cute lady bug pin actually pinned onto a new office plant leaf. I don't know why this particular birthday seems to be centered around fatteningly delicious treats, but the majority or my day has been spent ingesting sugar. (Not that I can really complain about that.) For sustenance tomorrow, I have half of a pineapple upside down cake, two thirds of my cookie dough Coldstone cake, my chocolate covered apple slices, and all of my berries (which are almost obscenely covered with caramel, sugary flakes, and white chocolate, dark chocolate, and chip-variety chocolate.)

Next week is my cousin's daughters 3rd Birthday and he is throwing us a little combo bash for my moms side of the fam for our birthdays. My auntie is driving me, Van, Erika and my grandmother to Walnut Creek to his house or the park or something where the kids can run around. Would it be wrong to bring my leftovers there so I don't eat them all? Hehe. Also, my other cousin gets to come, which is a rarity because he has been in a program of sorts and we usually have to go see him, but he is doing extremely well. Very exciting stuff. I'm stretching out the birthday fun all weekend!

OK, that's a lie, I'm taking a break tomorrow by working on my car, my final for my Database Access class, and going to work tomorrow night. But that's just small details..

We rented Sunshine Cleaning (and by that I mean I watched it while Van read an airplane magazine for a minute and then began to snore softly next to me), which was great in a depressing yet realistic way. It reminded me of myself with a lot of things: how I used to clean houses, the sister bond, a messed up mommy situation, bad men situation, money issues..i cold go on. Lets face it, this movie was made ABOUT me. Except she has a kid, and cleans up crime scenes, and its totally different from me. lol. Anyhow, 2 thumbs up but not a laugh riot by any means.

Yay for birthdays and yay for loving, caring people. :)


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