..bright with despair..

I held a fallen star and it wept for me, dying.

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i searched high and low, far and wide, for Samoas.
pushing daisies
i hate when they change the name of the girl scout cookies. they're fucking Samoas, not Caramel Delights! and that reminds me of the time i was a girl scout, and i went around my grandma's neighborhood trying to sell them. and this scary old man with a scary dog answered one of the doors and bought two boxes of cookies and i thought the dog might eat me. I am pretty sure now that it was Desire's Grandpa and Junior, who when I met them again, were the most harmless creatures on earth to me. Funny how things trigger memories.

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that may or may not have been my grandpa...it probably was...but if there was a dog involved it was clyde, my grandpa's dog.

junior was our dog that always lived with just us, and at that time we were probably still living in concord...

and samoas are nasty. it is all about the thin mints.

yes, it must have been clyde. im pretty sure it was your grandpa. like 99.9 percent. because i remember the house, too. dude. samoas are ever so awesome. if i wanted mint i'd chew some gum or brush my teeth. or have after dinner mints. mmm.

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