..bright with despair..

I held a fallen star and it wept for me, dying.

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..how can i believe/when this cloud hangs over me?..
pushing daisies
joey and i went to concord today for my aunt's bday/moms day. On the way there, we saw signs for the Winchester Mystery House and decided we are going to plan a trip down there very soon. Des, you must come with us since we have dreamed of going there for days. And jospeh will love it because she was the widow of the Winchester guns dude, and there is this whole museum of his firearms. but im wondering if we should find other stuff to do down there and maybe stay a night or something since its a damn long drive to San Jose for an hour long tour. And its San Jose.

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Hi. Would you like to join this group for a week and wish everyone who shares our birthday a happy birthday celebration?


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