..bright with despair..

I held a fallen star and it wept for me, dying.

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..An exciting new summer look..
new legs, bambi
What is up with seeing awesome cars at the local library? Today I saw a Wild Things Van, complete with Wild Rumpus side doors and King Max on the hood...It must have belonged to incredibly awesome readers. I promptly took pics with my phone but am too lazy to post them yet. We saw Iron Man 2 over the weekend, only intensifying my love of RDJ. In order to spice things up and get ready for bathing suit season, I had Donovan do a complete Brazilian wax on me today, it was the worst pain of my life. Honestly, I cant see childbirth being that bad, or getting hit by a semi. Worst pain ever. And in some sick way, worth it. Donovan loved it because he is very methodical and also because he thought it was amazing to be legally able to cause me such pain at my request. He could really care less about the outcome, which is hilarious since no one else sees that area or needs to be impressed by it. I would recommend being given heavy (and I mean heavy) drugs upon ever trying it if you happen to be an idiot like myself. In other news, the last class of the semester was last night, and I am excited to take the summer off. I have my little sisters high school graduation coming up, a trip to Reno, a trip to Tahoe and a trip to Florida as well as a wedding in the Bay to attend all over the course of a few months. Also, hopefully my cousin and his kids will come down for a while and I can spoil them and eat off their little faces with kisses. (The kids, not my cousin, ew). Van and I and the fam also recently bought bicycles and we have been taking rides, which sounds really lame but is totally fun and peaceful and a workout at once. As much as I love winter and its dark, rainy, snugglytime, I am ready for a change. All in all, I am super amped and I plan on lots of fun in the sun and good times!


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